Where does the water come from?

Tears, it is very useful! They protect and clean when a dust or insect is received in the eye. The eyes start to cry when you have a big emotion: sorrow, anger, laughter. And crying, it relieves. But where does this liquid come from? Immerse yourself in the heart of the eye to discover the secret of tears.

My Little Boys Why simply answer the big questions of 4-6 years, in video. With clear illustrations that speak for themselves, children understand more easily!

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Text: Florence Blanquart. Illustration: Océane Meklemberg. Animation: David Berlioz. Graphics: Catherine Pebrel. Editing: Camille Touaty. Music and sound effects: Henri-Pierre Pellegrin. Recording: Studio Elixir. Voice: Franck Aupeix Milan Press, 2018

Production :
Production :